Website Ideas

Unsure of what you looking for?

We get this ALOT. When we ask a client what they are looking for, more often or not they are unsure. This is where you come to get some guidance. It’s OK to be unsure. Our job is to help you be sure. Here are some template examples of sites that may fit with what you’re looking for. Sometimes you don’t know it ’till you see it.


A beautifully designed restaurant website can attract a ton more customers. With the right SEO you will stand out on search engines. Allowing customers to see what you have on offer, great looking pictures and being able to scroll through the menu are all the things customers are needing. Let us help you acheive that.

Clothing/Apparel Store

Always wanted to sell your products online? We can build your online store for you. Your customer base grows massively by having your products available online. We build beautiful stores that display your products in the best way possible. Easy payment methods, great security and having it all linked to your social media accounts is a great way on driving sales.

Garden Services

Got a garden services / landscaping business? Show off that green thumb. A good looking website is key to bringing in those customers. Before and after pics, updates, pricing and even a little blog for maintenance ideas. Whatever you want and need, we can build it for you.

Personal Fitness Trainer

With a big fitness market out there, YOU need to stand out. How? Interactively. A quick and easy website that gets to the point with the information you need. With the rise of Instagram fitness let us link your gallery to your Instagram for automatic updates. Post a pic and it updates your galley on your site. Linking your Facebook and Instagram to your site pushes traffic. Have a blog where you give people eating and training advise. Do it all.