Offsite Backups

For your security and peice of mind

Cloud storage

With access to your data both on-and off-site, you can access your data anyhere with an internet connection and can complete restores in minutes instead of hours. You can also manage everything you need from one Central Management Panel.

Multiple platform intergration

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS platforms, as well as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and MySQL.

Fast backups

Designed to use minimal CPU and memory = faster backups. Compression levels also save you space on both on-site and cloud storage and incremental backups ensure that only the files that have changed are backed up, saving bandwidth and time.

Easy Site Management

You create and manage your backup encryption keys. Before your data even leaves your network, it's fully encrypted and securely transferred to the cloud. Don't lose your key though – that is the one thing we cannot recover for you.

Pro packages

Perfect for small to large corporates with multiple users who require both remote cloud and on-site backups.

R 79

Per month


R 179

Per month


R 299

Per month


R 549

Per month


R 1199

Per month


R 1999

Per month


High cap storage

Perfect for large enterprises that require large storage capacity

R 3 599

Per month


R 8 495

Per month


R 15 990

Per month


R 29 895

Per month


R 69 965

Per month


R 129 935

Per month


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