Our step by step process


1. Identify need/want

If you have just started a business or if you are looking to upgrade your current business's telephone system to save some money, VoIP is a great way to do that. Enterprise options at small business rates.

2. Scope identification

Once you know your goals, let's identify your needs. Do you require something like call recording? do you have staff that are on the road and need to push calls through to them. Do you need your internal calls to be free and cut down on airtime costs?

3. Calculate to your budget

Now that we have a bigger picture of what your business needs lets calculate. Please use our calculator below to find out roughly what your costs would be for your business needs. Just remember this is an estimation. We may have a better cheaper solution for you.

4. Lets meet

Once you have calculated your business needs let us come and tayllr a quote for you. We will assess what you need or have in place and guide you to the best solution going forward. If you want to skip straight to this point we will be happy to help out.

5. Growing by going forward

Now that this has all been established let us help you decide which way you would like to approach this new system. Would you like to finance? We will help you with that too.

6. Installation

Now that everything has been worked out we come and implement your new and improved cost saving solution. We try our absolute best to make the transition as seamless as possible from the old to the new. Or just the new. Everything is pre-planned and we will be out of your hair in no time

Now that you know what you are looking for let us know and we will come see you.


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